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Haruna 0.12.0

Friday, 25 August 2023 | George Florea Bănuș

Haruna version 0.12.0 is out. You can get it now on flathub:

flathub logo

Availability of other package formats dependes on your distro and the people who package Haruna.

There is a Windows version here.

Consider making a donation if you like Haruna: GitHub Sponsors | Liberapay | PayPal

Issues should be reported on, but make sure to fill in the template and provide as much info as possible.




  • Added preview thumbnail to the progress bar, can be configured in the general settings page

    preview feature showcase

  • Added setting to allow only a single instance, can be configured in the general settings page

  • Added action selection popup where you can search all available actions and trigger them (open with Ctrl+` (backtick), similar to KCommandBar)

    actions popup feature showcase

  • Added setting to auto resize window to the video resolution, on Wayland the maximum size is not constrained

  • Added setting to hide playlist toolbar

  • Added menu item for each settings page under settings menu

  • The screenshot path is shown in the osd when using mpv 0.36.0 or later versions

    screenshot path feature showcase

  • Added a "Scroll to playing item" entry to the playlist context menu

  • Added a "Open url" entry to the playlist context menu for online url

  • Hiding/showing the menubar, top toolbar and bottom toolbar is now animated

  • Added track selection menu entries to the hamburger menu

    haburgermenu feature showcase


  • Fixed not blocking inhibition (turning the display off, sleep etc.) during playback