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Haruna 0.11.0

Wednesday, 17 May 2023 | George Florea Bănuș

Haruna version 0.11.0 is out. You can get it now on flathub:

flathub logo

Availability of other package formats depends on your distro and the people who package Haruna.

💰 If you use the app and want it to improve make a donation: GitHub Sponsors | Liberapay | PayPal

Issues should be reported on, but make sure to fill in the template and provide as much info as possible.




  • Refactored the mpv code to improve performance
  • When restoring from minimized state, playback state is set to what it was when the minimization happened (only applies if the "Pause on minimize" setting is turned on)
  • Added Debug settings page, shows the paths to config files and allows to open them


  • Fixed not being able to open files whose path contained certain characters
  • Fixed not being able to open .ts and .rm files
  • Fixed some text fields not saving their value under certain circumstances
  • Fixed screenshot format setting not working
  • Fixed recent files menu not closing
  • Fixed playlist context menu not closing when playlist hides