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Haruna 0.10.3

Sunday, 29 January 2023 | George Florea Bănuș

Haruna version 0.10.3 is out. You can get it now on flathub:

flathub logo

Availability of other package formats dependes on your distro and the people who package Haruna.

💰 If you use the app and want it to improve make a donation: GitHub Sponsors | Liberapay | PayPal

Issues should be reported on, but make sure to fill in the template and provide as much info as possible.



  • Playlist:
    • added options to, open m3u files, add files and urls, sort, clear and save the playlist
    • added context menu for the playlist items
    • added setting to remember playlist state
    • removed rowHeight setting
    • fixed "Increase font size when fullscreen" setting not working
  • Recent files: fixed ordering, showing duplicates, clearing and adding when list is full
  • Added command line option to override the ytdl format selection setting (this option is overwritten if the GUI setting is changed)
  • Added option to set a default cover for music files
  • Added MPRIS thumbnail
  • Added setting for subtitles to be rendered in black borders
  • Fixed OSD showing without text


  • Fixed not auto playing next file in playlist, when current file ends
  • Fixed opened file not playing when "Auto load videos from same folder" setting is disabled


  • Fixed crash when "Maximum recent files" setting was set to zero


  • Fixed last played file not being remembered sometimes
  • Fixed durations longer than 24 hours not displaying correctly and messing up with chapter labels
  • Chapters menu has been rewritten to be more responsive with lots of chapters
  • Fixed opening relative paths from a playlist file
  • Fixed opening files containig # characters