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Haruna 0.9.0

Wednesday, 17 August 2022 | George Florea Bănuș

Haruna version 0.9.0 is out with lots of new features.

Shortcuts settings page
The biggest change is the new shortcuts settings page that replaces the old shortcuts editor window.
This change also allows to drop the KF5XmlGui dependency.
Subtitles settings page
Another big change is the addition of subtitle customization settings:
font family, size, style (bold, italic), color, shadow color, shadow offset, border color, border width.
Hamburger menu page
The hamburger menu was also changed to only show a few usefull settings while everything else goes in a submenu.
The hamburger menu is now shown in the header/toolbar when the menubar is hidden and move to the footer when the header/toolbar gets hidden.
Other features in this release:
  • setting to start playback when resuming playback of a file
  • setting to set maximum number of recent files
  • option to clear recent files
  • setting to restore window size and position
  • custom commands that run on startup can be turned off so they are not set on next run
  • the mouse settings page now displays the actions text, which is translatable, instead of the actions internal name
  • toggling menubar and header/toolbar through actions remembers the state on next run
  • restore time position for youtube videos
  • improve mpv initialization to allow better hardware decoding support
  • ytdl-format property can be overwritten by a custom command action
  • moved seek settings to playback settings page
  • moved volume step setting to audio settings page
  • removed KF5XmlGui
  • added Qt5Gui and Qt5X11Extras

Bugs and feature requests should be posted on

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